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Do you have a blog, product, ebook or Etsy shop that you think would interest my readers? If so I would love to consider you for advertising!

What I Offer:
*150 x 150 button placed in the sidebar
*All advertisers receive a free giveaway post(details below)

*150 x 150 button in sidebar for 1 month-$15 

  *150 x 150 button in sidebar for 2 months-$25
  *150 x 150 button in sidebar for 3 months-$35

**200 x 100 button in top position on side bar is $10 more a month**
Larger buttons and longer options are available upon request.

*10,000+ page views a month
*1,500+ followers on Facebook

And we’re still growing!

Giveaways will include a description of your company/product, picture(s) with website, your Facebook, Twitter and blog links, posts shared on our Facebook fan page/ Twitter and the actual giveaway that I will oversee. I will also share your blog, Facebook/ Twitter page and newsletters. 


Custom packages available to meet your needs!

Payments can be made through PayPal and/or checks

Please E-mail me at for more information on advertising!
We are selective about the advertisements placed on Consider the Lilies and reserve the right to choose who advertises with us.