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Anger In Marriage

You’re having a fight discussion with your husband and it seems like he just isn’t listening to a thing you’re saying? You’re starting to loose it now. To get your point across you raise your voice. At that point you have lost all hope of controlling your temper. It’s likely that you will say something that you will later regret. I know you love your husband but lets face it sometimes he’s going to make you angry! We must work to control our temper/anger.

Temper and anger go hand in hand.

  • Anger-a strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism
  • Temper-state of feeling or frame of mind at a particular time usually dominated by a single strong emotion

But is being angry wrong? No, even Jesus was angry! Anger in and of itself is not wrong. But we are told

“Be ye angry and sin not: let not the sun go down on your wrath” Ephesians 4:26

We can be angry but we must be careful not to let our anger cause us to sin.  We must work very hard to control our temper. And sometimes it’s hard! But once we loose it, it is much more likely that we will be unlike Christ. (Especially if we are filling our minds with inappropriate language through tv, movies, and music!)

Controlling your temper takes work daily! But if we’re not able to control our temper/anger then it can become detrimental to our marriage. How can we keep this from happening?

  • Don’t go to bed angry-(Ephesian 4:26) We must resolve any disagreements quickly. If we don’t, we will dwell on them and our anger will grow.
  • “If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all!” Sometimes we just need to bite our tongue and walk away. I’m not saying don’t discuss the issue. Just take a few minutes to step away and calm yourself. Think about what you want to say and how you can say it in a kind,respectful way.
  • Pray! Pray daily that God will help you “keep your cool”. When you have to step away from a discussion pray! And pray that God will help your husband with his temper/anger as well. We all need some help in this area!

What are some things you do to control your temper?

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