On My Mind

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged. And boy have I missed it! I love writing! I forget how much until I go for a while without doing it. 
When I started this blog I wanted to encourage others by sharing my Christian walk. I intended to write on bible studies, biblical womanhood, and what’s going on in my life. However,  I’ve steered clear of some topics that some find controversial and from sharing too many personal details of my life. 
There are some topics that keep coming to mind mind when I think about what to write but I haven’t written them yet. It’s hard not to think “What will someone think if I write about______? Especially those people that I know personally!” But a lot of these topics are things that I need to share. It doesn’t matter what others think or if they disagree with me! What matters is that I am obeying God, sharing His word with others, and that I follow the convictions God has placed on my heart. 
So in the next few months you will see posts on:

  • Modesty
  • A new series-Journey to Motherhood(infertility, miscarriage, understanding your cycle, ect.)
  • Stay at home wife/mom
  • Healthy eating
  • Titus 2 study
  • Salvation
  • Worship
  • Homemaking
  • What’s going on in my life
  • & More

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